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Writing this book is something I’ve wanted to do ever since coming across the Bigfoot Field Research Organization’s website, bfro.net.  There, for the first time, I read about eight encounters with the ape since 1980 in my county in New Jersey, and that hooked me on the legend.  I then read Dr. Bindernagel’s book, “North America’s Great Ape, the Sasquatch”, and Dr. Meldrum’s book, “Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science.”  Whitewolf Entertainment had the video version of Dr. Meldrum’s book; what a fabulous CD!  Columbia University School of Journalism graduate and North American sasquatch researcher John Green’s book, “Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us,” evolved into a reliable guide for my writing.  It seems to do that same thing for all works on this subject matter. Mr. Green also collaborated with sasquatch researcher and historian Christopher L. Murphy and Thomas Steenburg in producing a page-turning, gloriously illustrated work they titled, “Meet the Sasquatch.”  That book contained the lesson that wonderful art work was available for a book, and led to my hooking up with illustrators Paul Smith of Wisconsin, Brian Cundle of Ontario, Kainan Jordan of Oregon, and bi-coastal Jesse D’Angelo of California and New York.  After the process of writing this story, the most fun came from working with color illustrations by these talented artists.  Dr. J. Robert Alley’s terrific, “Rain Coast Sasquatch,” author and researcher Daniel Perez’ “Bigfoot Times,” and Sierra Sounds’ “The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2″ CD rounded out my prep.

I’m glad my website provides an opportunity for you to download the book at reasonable cost, or to purchase a hard copy for your book shelf.  Here’s hoping “Burlington County Sasquatch” adds to your knowledge of this animal, offers surprises, and makes your heart race a little bit more!